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Monday, July 8, 2019

My Best Audible Books - Launches Today - Get the Best in Audible and Audio Books from the best source on the planet - me :~>

My best Audible Book so far is this one.  

What happens to the planet if we don't ALL start using our brains.  

Science Fiction at its most useful and entertaining.  Once you start turning the pages - in the case of a print book, or listening to the pages in the case of the Audible Book - I doubt very much you'll be able to put this book down.  Well, you can try, but after hearing the news, you'll say to yourself that you already knew that event was coming. This is the only story that predicts the future, thus proving the theories put forth within it.  

In Brain Drain, the author invents a new number:  Here it is - see what you can make of it.

If you know anything about Mathematics, you know that any number to the exponent of Zero is ONE.  That's any number how big or how small if taken to the zero exponent equals ONE.  No matter how large or how small the number - it's all ONE when you put the exponent of Zero to that number.  In other words, everything really is one with the universe.  SO - in this story, the hero wonders what might happen if the number Zero itself was actually carrying this feature to all other numbers - and so the number Zero (i) or Zero to the exponent of infinity - was invented.  

AND SO - NOW when you do the math, Einstein's General Relativity theory in which Space/Time is warped all makes sense.  BUT, Einstein was just slightly off.  Space/Time is not warped.  That would be a huge misstatement, as if Space/Time were one dimensional.  We all know, the universe is multi-dimensional and so Space/Time is not warped, but is instead - extremely elastic.  

In this audio book, you're going to be amazed at how easy it is to prove Einstein's Unified Filed Theory with the simple insertion of this number into his equations - something he couldn't do because there was no such number in his lifetime.  Now there is and YOU are of the FIRST to learn about it and how to use it.

They say that Truth is often stranger than fiction - but I have found that Truth is often stranger than even Science Fiction.  In the case of Brain Drain, you get a story that will live on into the future, but in a very unique way.

It's not Star Wars.  It's not Star Trek.  It's not in your Stars, poor Uric.  It's simply the most entertaining story of our time without all the ridiculous shooting at one another.  But, it's also the best shot at our future that anyone can devise.  IF you have a Brain, you need to read or listen to Brain Drain.  As the sea levels rise and breathing gets harder and harder, at least you'll know how that story ends!

Trust me - The Author

Michael Mathiesen

Keep Coming Back - More of my Top Audible Books will be posted here soon.

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My Next Best Audible Book 

When their lives are going badly, people like to say that it's Karma or Bad Luck or horrible friends that made these events for them.  But, actually it's Anti-Matter.

There are almost as many anti-matter particles that make up the universe as regular matter particle.  We don't see either kind of particles because they are so small, but they make up our entire universe and that means everything in your life is made out of particles and anti-particles.  

Anti-matter is simply the reverse of the electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, etc.  Whenever an electron runs into an Anti-Electron or Positron, the two particles annihilate one another with an incredible release of energy.

We have done ZERO studies on how much this interaction of matter and anti-matter effects our daily thoughts and deeds.

My book - Anti-Matter - is the first to seriously challenge who you really are and why your bad luck or good luck is happening and what you can do about it - all in a Classic Science Fiction Adventure.  

In this book, we follow the hero whose life is turned upside down by Anti-Matter, but unlike the rest of us, he suspects the truth and does something about it.

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My Next Best Audible Book 


The Human Race is about to change just as much or more than when a Butterfly emerges from the cocoon that it made when it was a caterpillar.

We are about to use the massive revolutionary advance in computing known as Quantum Computing to allow the human Consciousness to be reproduced inside a machine that will never die and will have unlimited power over the rest of us.  We have to learn more about who is going to make the Quantum Leap and who will be left behind.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE that I can think about.


My Next Book - Coming SOON.

The Green New Deal - The Rise of Democratic Socialism