America 2.0 Excerpts

America 2.0 Inc - Take Stock In America


If Microsoft never upgraded Microsoft Windows, we'd all be using pen and paper today.  If they never improved the airplane or the automobile, we'd all be walking or on horseback everywhere today. If they never upgraded clothing, we'd all be wearing animal skins today.  If they never upgraded food, we'd all be eating crap  today.  If we never upgraded our telescopes, we'd still think the Earth was the center of the universe  If we never upgraded books, instead of reading this book in the many numerous ways that we do today, we would all be carrying around heavy  stones with these words carved into them.

Clearly we humans frequently upgrade every part of our daily lives, except for one thing, our system of governance, the way that we make communal decisions and attempt a just and equitable relationship among ourselves.  Yet, this most important of things cries out for more frequent and thoughtful upgrades simply because it impacts all of the other things that we need to use every day.  

But instead of upgrading our political systems whenever we find a bug in it, the way that I would prefer, we only upgrade our political machinery every  few centuries if we're lucky, and only then, after many lives are ruined by slander, innuendo and even violence.  There has to be a better way to run a country, a civilization, or a civilized planet.

America 2.0, Inc. is one attempt at an upgrade that makes sense to my mind.  But before we consider some of what I believe would be some pretty good upgrades to the political machinery, let. examine what are the biggest parts of the system that are obviously broken and which could be fixed most easily.

First on my list is the horrific and humiliating event we see on the news of thousands of people lining up on the streets, stretching for miles outside of official places of voting,  known as polling places.  Some of these poor unfortunate people are forced to stand in  line for hours, a half day, many of them an entire day before the line reaches the door of their designated polling place.  Many of them, after waiting for hours, finally reach the voting booths only to be told they have come to the "Wrong Place" and that they are only registered to vote at another location some miles away.  So, the most undaunted voters are then forced to get in their cars, and then get in  another line to wait their turn to vote that may cost them another half day or even a full day of their lives.

Sadly, very few of us, in normal election years are willing to put up with all of this frustration and so less than half of eligible voters ever bother to vote in this country and who could blame them after going though a trial like this every four years, every two years for the most civic minded.

All of this wouldn't be so bad if it were not for the fact that even after going through all of this trouble to case one's vote, in Federal elections, all we get to vote for is Brand A personality or Brand B personality.  Both of these brands, by the way, have been tainted by thousands of their best products doing very little to satisfy the voters most of the time, because most of the time, the Brand A and Brand B candidates are merely making campaign promises that they know they can't keep - just for the sake of being elected to one of the most powerful and financially rewarding careers in the country.  In other words, most of the people we are forced to vote for every election really have  only one thing in mind and that is their own selfish interests.

Most of us know this going into the transaction, but we want to believe in our flawed and antiquated system and hope for the best results given the herculean effort that millions of citizens put for in support of the system.

Is this effort a total waste of time, then?  No, it isn't because flawed as it is, at least the results of an election, as painful and laborious as it is, as well as expensive, requiring literally billions of dollars to be spent by the winning Brand, it's the only game in town and at least, the majority who came out on the winning side can take comfort in the idea that perhaps all of their sacrifices made the difference.

In other words, flawed as it is, our current way of doing things in the political realm is the best that humankind has been able to produce in our Evolution thus far.  Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater, right?

The basic premise of Democracy is that power should be vested in the people and the will of the majority of citizens thinking on any given problem and the related solutions should be the premier directive of the future for the rest of us.  

But at what cost?  The most obvious and simple fix to the problem of millions of us waiting in line for hours to finally reach our designated voting machine is that we can now vote by mail.  This is something that was utilized by fifty million voters in the last election.  And the only reason that we didn't have everyone voting by mail in this last election is because President of the United States, himself running in that election didn't trust anyone who voted this way and complained bitterly in every campaign speech in such a colorful way, actually calling mail in ballots illegal, that his supporters in large numbers believed him and stayed away from voting by mail.  It is my opinion that this mistake, in fact, cost President Trump the election and denied him another four years in power. If he ever runs for office again, I doubt he will make this same mistake twice.

It is my fervent hope and I believe strongly that over the course of the next four years, after all the dust has cleared, all of the antipathy has died down and before the next Presidential election, we will all come to the conclusion that voting by mail is far superior to standing in line and giving up an entire day of one's life, and sometimes two or three days, waiting for the opportunity to cast our vote and that the vast majority of the electorate will use it next time.

In fact, this is the most obvious and easily achieved fix to the system.  We should immediately pass federal legislation that makes it a requirement, under penalty of huge fines and jail time, that all states allow for their citizens to obtain a Mail-In Ballot for each election at least two months ahead of the election date and have the machinery in place to count them as they come in, with a final acceptance date of five days after the day of the election, if the ballot has a post-mark on it no later than the date of the election.

SO, the most glaring broken piece of our political system is easily fixed by applying a little duct tape of common sense.

But, we're just getting started.  Hang in there.  The rest of my book contains the best fixes to the most pressing and broken pieces of our democracy, at least in my humble opinion.  All that I ask is that you keep an open mind and make no conclusions until you have read through to the end of the book.  I hope to convince most of you by then, that these ideas, though completely untried and untested, radical in some cases and highly conservative in others, are ones that at least break new ground and require some time to debate in full by all of the American people and someday by the people of the world.   

In considering some of my ideas, it will require you to think carefully and rationally using the organ in between your ears as you have never done before. I am going to force you to think outside the box.  This will be painful to many  of you, and so if thinking carefully and outside the box is painful to you, this may not be the book for you.  If so, I advise you to put it down now and go find one that suits you better. 

For those of my readers who enjoy a good think, enjoy a challenge to their often-held beliefs, this book may be for you -please continue reading.

This will sound crazy at first, but I am going to propose a new form of political machinery unlike any other ever tried before on the Earth.  I want you to consider, for the next few hours, a system of governance that uses the by-laws and the rules that we will obey in the forming articles of a For-Profit corporation.  

We can do this by simply adding a few words of incorporation to the Untied States Constitution because it allows the people to do so.  This part of the idea is nothing new  Amending our basic contract between the government and the governed has been done over the years 27 times.  We can do it again given enough will and determination.

Think about it this way.  Currently, the United States has no controlling documents regarding whether or not we should be a Socialist country, a Capitalist country or a Communist country.  The Constitution is silent on this subject.  The founding fathers simply assumed that all future generations of Americans would aspire to be wealthy slave-owning plantation farmers.  Of course this vocation, if chosen by a young person today would land the in a home for the mentally deranged.  That's how far we've come.

BUT, we have not advanced to more than twenty-seven changes that we've made to that same forming document, other than ending slavery, giving women the right to vote, giving the feds the right to take money from our incomes, etc.  We are still not required by law to maintain a capitalist economy or a Communist one and this kind of misunderstanding is the subject of many billions of hours of useless and senseless debate that ultimately we can't even vote for, either way.  We can't even come together on a health plan that is affordable and fair to the majority of us.

What a ridiculous exercise in futility our current system provides us.  And remember, all of what we have been suffering these last few decades could have been avoided if we used our newest and best new invention, the Internet in more productive ways - not ways to make individuals wealthy beyond their wildest dreams as we have done, but to make every individual citizen, safe and secure in their homes and never living in fear or want.

How does one minor change in our basic contract between the government and the governed do all of this?  

Here's one major CLUE.  Under a typical corporate charter, there lies the notion of accountability of the executives vis-a-vis the shareholders.  There is something deeply embedded in all corporate governance and that is - a fiduciary responsibility.  This means that the executives of any corporation have the legal responsibility to act in the best interests, interests that are measured in dollars, for the shareholders.  What goes along with that is the need for transparency and honesty in making any government reports to the shareholders.   There are strict criminal penalties in place for any executives who break this rule and many thousands of "White-collar" criminals have spent many hundreds of years cumulatively behind bars for the various nefarious schemes that they have concocted in order to gain personal wealth that is not legal for them to collect.

Compare this, accountability that holds most chief executive officers to do what is best for their shareholders to the system we have not where it's not even illegal for our government officials to lie to the American people.  Yes, believe it or not, it's legal and commonplace for our elected officials to lie to us and misrepresent the truth.  They do it all day long every day and the only reason they do this is because they know they can get away with it.

By simply changing the form of our government to be held under the same or higher standards as our modern corporations, and all of a sudden, our elected officials cannot lie to us unless they want to risk going to jail.

Now, I hope you're still with me.  If you are, you should now be wondering what about this 'For Profit' organization.  It's never been done before in history - you say.  And you would be right, but what if we never tried anything new only because it had never been done before?  That wouldn't get us very far, would it?  And, think about it for another minute.  Our present government is in debt up to its eyeballs and it's in the trillions of dollars, a staggering debt that no economy can ever retire, so this means, we are destined to be in debt for several generations, if not for all eternity, unless we force them to balance the books at least once in a while.

Under any corporate charter if the chief operating officers of a corporation cannot make enough money every year to retire the corporation's debt, they are simply fired at the next shareholder's meeting.  

And guess who it is that fires them?  The shareholders, of course.  And who would the shareholders be in a United States of America, Inc?  You and me and every other living citizen of the United States.

So, I hope that things are getting a little clearer for you and you can accept this concept just a little bit more.  Is it sounding more user-friendly yet?

SO - I want you to take a deep breath.  Relax.  Let it sink in what I've said so far.  When you're able to put your mind into high gear again, come back to this point.

Because in the next chapter - Chapter One, I hope to convince you that this idea merits even more of your respect.  I'm going to give you a sneak peek at the next shareholder's meeting where you and I vote on who our next Chief Executive Officers are going to be, BUT, you may have earned more votes than me, because you have more stock in the corporation.  Or, I could have more shares than you.  Your cousin Nancy, could have earned more shares that both of us combined and therefore, her votes will count more than yours or mine.

Doesn't seem equitable just now, does it.  Why does some of the voters have more legal votes than you - you ask?

The answer to that major question you should be asking yourselves is coming up in Chapter One - you'll have that answer and believe me - it's a zinger.

I need you to compare some of these new ideas to the ways that we do things now.  

# # #

Why not solve most of these issues in one stroke of the pen? Why not go with a hybrid between the purely capitalist system that rewards people justly for their hard work, good luck and creative thinking, mixed with a built-in safety net that would be the greatest deterrent against homelessness, drug addiction, poverty, lack of education, universal productive jobs for everyone and a minimum livable standard and quality of life?

When you think about these things as a package of broken wheels and gears in the machinery of our political and economic system, it comes to you suddenly that if the government were required to make a profit on all the services it provides to the world, we would all be richer. We would all be part of the solution instead of part of the problem, whether we chose to or not

When we incorporate the United States of America, we accomplish many solutions to our most pressing problems all at the same time. First, every American citizen becomes a shareholder. We force the government to make a profit for the first time in history. We use the profits to pay dividends to all citizens instead of forcing us to pay income taxes. Also we vote our shares for the most pressing daily needs and this is true democracy at last.

Read about the most equitable, fair, just and libertarian political model ever invented. Sounds crazy, but why do allow the government to rip us off year after year while slowly eroding our freedoms. We must ensure that we control our public servants, not the public servants controlling us. If we don't do something soon, the end of America is at hand and worse, the end of world peace and prosperity may not be far behind. Buy this book only if you would like to be part of the solution vs part of the problem.

The government has now been shown to be reading our emails, listening in on our phone conversations without warrants authorized by secret courts. This is the tip of the iceberg. This means your constitution has been scrapped, torn up, burned to ashes. They also spend trillions of dollars in foreign countries boosting foreign economies while they are ignoring our own economy. Do we allow these dangerous trends to continue. Millions suffer from the incompetence and conspiracies. What do real and patriotic Americans do about these things? We must make changes.

How and Why we must Incorporate the United States of America into a For Profit Corporation. The United States is currently a NOT-FOR PROFIT corporation and that grants them permission to lose billions of dollars of YOUR MONEY and MINE every day. Changing all of this to a For Profit Corporation would turn the whole system upside down, putting the people back on top.

Incorporating the country would also make every citizen a SHAREHOLDER in the total economy of the United States, and PAY US ALL DIVIDENDS every year, instead of forcing us to pay taxes to them every year.

Many more benefits. Become a Founding Father or Mother in the next and new version of the United States of America. The old America is dead and almost buried. THE NEW AMERICA is about to rise up from the ashes. You need to know the details of how we'll get it done and more importantly learn how to survive and prosper in this new and completely fruitful economic model.

I am confident that once you have finished reading this book in full and carefully considered all of it’s innovative and truly revolutionary concepts - you will not only be very happy with your contribution to getting a Real Democracy launched once and for all in this country and on this planet - but you will also start promoting them to all your friends on a daily basis until it is done.

When you consider the price that millions of Americans have paid with their lives on the battlefields of France, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Italy, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan no amount of money can compare in the slightest to the ultimate sacrifice that so many of our patriots have paid.

If you make the decision to support this amazing and totally unique concept, the only one that can save our country, later more countries around the world and then eventually save our planet, you will be forced by the decision to think more about the many other ways that you can help. We not only need your money, we need your brain, your consciousness, your commitment to helping leave this planet just a little bit better than how you found it. Imagine what the world would be if people did not believe as I do?

BEFORE you decide whether or not you will read any further I would like you to consider, for a solemn moment, the millions of brave soldiers who died defending our Democracy in World War I and then another TEN MILLION of our nation's young brave soldiers who died defending our DEMOCRACY in World War II.  Then, another 58,000 of our bravest and youngest American heroes who were told they would die for DEMOCRACY in Viet Nam, many thousands more who would sacrifice their arms or legs or both for Democracy. Then, another 20,000 who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan defending our “Democracy”.  

These brave souls are all looking down upon us and asking - 'So, where's the damn Democracy we gave our lives for?'  No one told us to sacrifice ourselves for the REPUBLIC.  They told us our sacrifice was to defend DEMOCRACY - SO LET'S SEE IT!  Where is it? Where do the people decide the issues of the day on their ballots? When can they decide if and when to have a war or to veto a war created by an uninformed, uneducated, or a corrupt President. Let's see the Democracy we gave our lives to defend.

HEREIN lies the basic fundamental thought-experiment that will serve to begin a Real Democracy in America for the first time in our history. We would have to answer our brave dead with the sad fact that there is no real Democracy in America today or for the last two hundred years. We fooled them into serving and sacrificing so much. When we are asked to defend our Democracy in all future wars, we must all respond with ‘What Democracy?’ Because there is no Democracy in America today, only the rule of MONEY. “You want me to die, or lose my arms and legs for YOUR MONEY?”

We must not allow the sacrifices of millions of heroic soldiers, sailors, airmen and women to have been in vain. If for their sakes only - as well as for the future of this great country and the world - WE MUST HAVE REAL ELECTIONS SOON.

There is today, and always will be only one thing We The People can do to reverse the centuries-long abuse of power that has brought us here.

Therefore, I give you:

The 28th Amendment To The United States Constitution.

The Amendment For Real Elections

Be It Resolved: That the American system of government has been subverted by both foreign dictators and domestic money interests.

Therefore: We The People do hereby amend the Constitution of the United States for the sole purpose of securing for ourselves a system of laws based on the will of the majority of citizens of the United States in a more secure and effective Democracy.

Section One: The people shall have the right to vote on any issue of national importance, by placing it as a Ballot Measure on the next upcoming national election ballot whenever the people have collected signatures of registered voters that total 10% or more of the total people who voted in the previous Presidential Election.

Section Two: Whenever a National Ballot Measure included on the Federal ballot receives an affirmative number of votes that total two-thirds or more of all votes cast in favor of the measure - the ballot measure shall become Federal Law as of January First of the following year.

Section Three: All political advertising must be identified to be ‘Political Advertising’, and therefore carries a bias’. All providers of such material must provide a simple click to avoid it, and unsubscribe from any further attempts by the author or originator of same. Furthermore, any political advertising on any public media must be given EQUAL TIME for any organization who can represent the OPPOSITE VIEWPOINT and the advertising space or time provided must be equal to that provided to the viewpoint originally provided and at no charge to the opposite point of view. Above all, no political advertising must be allowed on any social media within 90 days of an election, either national, state or local levels.

Section Four: The Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation as long as the original intent of this article is maintained.

I’d like my readers to understand the power of Real Democracy unleashed upon the world that these words represent and therefore, if you didn’t understand fully this power that is being granted to you, please read the wording of this most important amendment to our Constitution since its inception again and again and again until you appreciate it fully.

In the rest of this book, I lay out in painstaking detail how We The American people can and must throw up a bulwark against totalitarianism and the slow and painful death of Democracy by using more and more Democratic principles, not less and less, primarily the wisdom of the crowd as it can now be propagated through the proper, legal and more secure use of the Internet, to safeguard this nation against all threats, both foreign and domestic.

The danger of keeping your head stuck firmly into the sand is a very real one and this apathy and denial on the part of too many of us will result much sooner rather than later, in the total take-over of our country by tyrannical men or groups, from which we may never escape.

This may be your last warning. Make no mistake, until and unless We The People affirmatively and aggressively take up every last morsel of new and innovative ideas posed herein, unless we savor them, nurture them, improve upon them, share them, discuss them, and finally accept them as a nation to be our only path going forward, then all is lost. There will be no hope. There will be no further books to read, no opinions expressed anywhere of any import, no solid and dependable way out.

We will simply disappear from the Earth. We will go the way of millions of much lesser species who were not able to continue to survive on this planet mainly because they were not smart enough to adapt to new changes in the climate or the surrounding food sources, or to the violent explosions in the sky.

Whether our legacy, your legacy will be to preserve and protect our kind and help save the next generation of humans in some of the ways listed here or in other ways, or whether you will be forgotten by history for all time because there are no future historians, this is your choice to make by either putting this book down, forgetting about the recommendations I make and going on with your life, or by reading it through to its entirety and alerting everyone you know to the knowledge, the best chance for humankind’s continued survival, contained in these pages.

There is no other distinction that will matter in your life, other than the one you will make now.

Please choose carefully.

ONE LAST POINT and probably the most important point of this entire book, in regards to a legal argument that cannot be discounted.

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has declared so many times that it has become unbreakable precedent, irrefutable law of the land, that a corporation is the same as a living person.

Therefore, it is the right of every corporation to live in their own version of the pursuit of happiness, just as it is the right of every living person to live freely under their own pursuit of happiness. It is this Supreme Court Ruling that gave me the confidence to write this book, which essentially frees the corporation to become the protector and guardian of all people on the Earth.

Chapter One

- Take Stock In America2

The only difficult part of my proposal is that it’s never been done before in all of human history that we create a government in the form of a For-Profit Corporation.

But, when you think about it, it shouldn’t be that difficult in light of the fact that all government stems from the will of the people, at least since the American experiment, over two hundred years ago.

When the first Board of Directors met to form America, they didn’t consider a corporate charter because they were all slave-owners so they needed something where their ownership of human beings could continue for decades. Thus, the American Constitution was written as a Representative form of government, one that represented their interests mainly, and we know this because our first founding documents allows slavery to be legal as part of its first Articles and by-laws.

In this book, we will be outlining how a new form of government can be established and operated in a completely transparent and fiduciary manner to preserve and protect the rights and liberties of the people without being a Welfare State.

First of all, we have to face the fact that there is no International approving organization of Corporation formation. We don’t want to be incorporated under the state of Delaware as other lesser corporations are, because the states are regulated by the government we are forming. It would be counter-productive to form our over-riding corporation under a state laws of any state or even the combination of states.

Nor can we be formed under the Charter of the United Nations because that organization is formed by the former variety of national organizations that we are trying to replace, therefore, the member nations of the United Nations would have an immediate conflict of interest.

In fact, every organization I can think of would present a major conflict of interest in overseeing the formation of the Articles of Corporation of the United States of America.

Therefore, the articles, at least the first version, has to be constructed under the auspices and the authority of the American people. To do this, in my humble opinion, we must therefore amend the United States Constitution to transform itself into the Articles of Incorporation, making the United States of America, the first nation on Earth to do so.

It’s going to be tricky, of course, because there are thousands of legal beagles out there who will think this proposal ridiculous. We have to face facts. However, it’s important to note that when the so-called founding fathers of this country wrote the United States Constitution, and signed it, they had immediately put their lives in jeopardy. They could have been arrested and hanged without a trial by the King.

It’s always good to note that this kind of thing can’t happen today, in this country because of the guarantees, these out-laws gave us in the form of the Bill of Rights. We can write books like these, thanks to these big-thinking gentlemen, even though they were slave-owners. At least they knew in their heart of hearts that slavery was wrong and the freedom they were giving to themselves mainly, would someday be bestowed on everyone else in future generations.

I like to think they knew this.

So, we have to be grateful for the form of government that we got from these people. I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it because that’s the bleedingly obvious truth when you compare the American political system to every other one on the planet today.

But, this is a very low bar, indeed, and in fact, I can’t imagine the bar going any lower for comparing systems of governments. In China for example, they must live under a Dictator for life and he is not a very nice man. He watches everything the Chinese people say and do and if he and his Commie cronies don’t like what you’re saying or thinking, you end up either dead or in a concentration camp. Not really a government system, just a default system of not having anything that resembles a system of laws designed to protect people which has evolved here.

Russia, of course is much the same. There are dozens of countries that follow this same anarchistic mob rule type of torture that tries to call itself a ‘People’s Republic’. Isn’t that just peachy?

So, compared to that type of system that has its origins in the Stone Ages, the American system isn’t so bad.

However, I want to push our system several notches forward so that the rest of the world may move to catch up and at least begin to have at least as much freedom and liberty as we have obtained here. But, we will never inspire the rest of the world, unless we’re constantly improving and giving the world a moving target of what they might obtain and something that is so beneficial, the people of the world can unite around it as one.

The world governments are powerful in the machinery of force and power over us, but the people are more powerful in the machinery of our minds and the truth that they can produce.

At some point, America could become a For-Profit corporation. Before I go into the details of what it would look like on paper, let me list now the major benefits of being a citizen of a For-Profit Corporate form of government vs, the losing money, Not-For-Profit senseless no-holds barred chaos organization where anyone in power can ignore all the rules and do whatever they want without fear of any consequences as we just learned in the Trump Administration.

Benefits of a For Profit Corporation:

Every citizen owns shares in the corporation. Shares are awarded based on achievements in society that benefit the economy.

Every citizen has a retirement plan, funded by the profits of the corporation. Just like a 401-K, in good years, the underlying investments, stock in America, goes up in value and so does every worker’s retirement plan. In bad years, the value of the worker’s retirement plan goes down. This encourages all workers to work harder and smarter in order to keep the Corporation on a profitable path forward every day.

In extremely good years, in other words, a booming economy and lots of profits for America, Dividends are paid out to the shareholders. This is like getting a bonus from your company at Christmas time, except in this case, it could happen monthly or even weekly.

The Corporation, according to its By-Laws must keep a set of books and have a budget that they must stick to or else they will not balance their books, and is forced to borrow money, something that the shareholders may not approve, since it cuts down on their profits.

The officers of the corporation are held to a Fiduciary responsibility. This means they must put the interests of the shareholders (The Citizens) ahead of their own interests. Failure to do so, results in their ulster at shareholder meetings.

At shareholder meetings, progress that the corporation (the country) has made is discussed and if the shareholders disapprove, they can vote out the current officers of the corporation and vote in replacements.

Shareholders (citizens) get one vote for each share of stock in the corporation (the country) that they have obtained. Shares are awarded upon the completion of High School, College, Graduate School, obtaining a Medical degree, reaching the age of thirty, reaching the age of forty, more shares for reaching the age of fifty, etc.

Someone who invents a major part of the Internet like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Vint Cerf (The Father of the Internet) would be awarded with thousands of shares in America as a reward for long hard work and creativity. Hundreds of different life goals like this would eventually become part of the By-Laws of the Corporation.

Notice that in this instance, Bill Gates doesn’t have to start his own corporation and issue stock to himself and his friends to become rich, the system accomplishes this for him or anyone like him without having to hire a single lawyer. (Lawyers won’t like this very much.)

I mention this to show how this opens up the Capitalist system to anyone with a good idea to also become a billionaire or at least a millionaire.

Under our current form of Capitalism, one must attract a ton of Capital (money) by forming one’s own corporation and offering shares of one’s new corporation to investors. That doesn’t go away in the new form of Capitalism. In fact, forming a new business of any type and creating jobs for people would be on my list of also gaining that entrepreneur loads of extra shares in our National Corporation. NO need to go public in order to become a millionaire or billionaire.

As shareholders we can all vote on a Health Care system that makes sense to most of us. Most likely, one of the first things the shareholders would do is vote on a Universal Health Care system like the ones that modern corporate executives get where everything is paid for and nothing is paid out by the individual to buy insurance. The entire work force is simply covered for any health situations suffered by the worker and his family. The health costs are paid for by the profits of the corporation.

Simple, isn’t it?

Now, what happens when there is no profits or not enough profits to pay for the health care of all the workers in the country? Simple, again. Workers will have to put off going to the doctor or hospital until such time as there are enough profits.

This sounds harsh but having this kind of incentive to keep the company on track for profits is the best way I know how to keep an economic engine pumping away like the little engine that could for all time in the future.

Don’t worry, we’re going to cover in a later chapter how the Corporation makes money. And there are lots of them. In fact, without any real competition from other countries, at least for a while, American profits for solving the world’s problems will be greater than any other corporate profits in the history of profits. Wait for the chapter to see that with me.

I say this because I cannot imagine China or Russia or India or Brazil, Mexico, nor even England or France or Italy nor any other country who will be able to switch to this model in time to be a major competitor to the United States. That means we will corner the market on government profits. Trust me, we’re covering that later.

NOW that we’ve shown you just a few of the many benefits of Incorporation, as promised here’s what the process looks like to me at this stage. It will vary so much that I can tell you that my outline here is just a draft and will be altered into something far faster and easier and with more authority as the right people catch on and join me.

Sample By-Laws of Incorporation:

Bylaws are the laws that the operators of the Corporation and the investors must live by. They are 100% flexible and can be any list of by-laws that the corporation founders want to live by. As you see, they are like a Constitution and can be amended at any time by a majority vote of the shareholders – US.

The images below are merely samples of typical by-laws that any corporation can use. As you read them, suggest some to yourself that you would deem appropriate.

Chapter Two

- The Common Goal

If you’ve ever had a job in a large company or even a small one, you may have enjoyed going to work because everyone of your co-workers and yourself enjoyed a common mission or goal in life. The common goal may have been to produce more wine, sell more cars, make more people healthy. Whatever your business was, you thought about it as your business. You probably socialized with your co-workers and had the best years of your life when you partied with people who shared the same talents, skill sets, goals in life.

When you think about it, you need to ask - Why doesn’t a country work like that? Why can’t we all be on the same page of working to make the country a better place to live and helping the country survive by working hard to help it make a profit?

The only reason that the concept of a government making a profit seems alien to you right now is because it’s never been tried before. Another reason is that most governments actually do make a profit, it’s only that the profits are not shared with the workers like you and me. The people at the top of our governments always seem to get rich while living on very modest salaries. Then, they have lots of friends who get filthy rich as well. So, governments actually do make a profit, in my opinion, although the profits are never declared that way because they want to keep the profits to themselves and their friends.

This is also why all the governments around the world appear to lose money. They’re all in debt so much so today that the International debt is threatening to cause the biggest economic catastrophe in history that will happen sooner or later as history has shown us. They are never able to stave off disaster for long. This latest period of economic boom, about 50 years now, with minor recessions, has been the out-lyer in this case. But, there are signs today that the system is about to collapse very soon. When it does fail, people will be suggesting many new ways of doing things. I’m hopeful that the ideas in this book will lead the pack.

As mentioned above, it’s entirely possible for the formers of the Corporation to determine how the voting for officers shall be performed and/or if we also want to vote on issues directly, limiting the power of our elected officers. This is something I have been thinking about all my adult life.

Ever since the days of the Viet Nam War, I wondered why the President had the power to put so many lives on this planet in jeopardy. In fact, not only could he put millions of people in jeopardy, he also had the right to murder them in their beds, which both Lyndon Johnson did and Richard Nixon did even more during his administration.

I couldn’t understand why the people themselves had no way to vote on pursuing this ridiculous war or not. If they had, I am confident that the killing would have been limited to a few thousand poor innocents that American bombs would kill until such time as we could get the issue on the ballot.

I firmly believe in my heart and soul that the average person in this world has no desire to spend billions of dollars murdering people in foreign countries who don’t share all of our cultural, religious, political values. We are more tolerant than that.

The majority of us, that is. Sure, there will always be a small but vocal minority who are on the fringes of our society or any society shouting their hate and intolerance as loudly as they can, but these will always be a small minority as long as we in the majority have the power to fix problems rapidly and efficiently. It’s only when major social problems are allowed to fester for years and even decades, such as is the current situation, that the fringe lunatics find an audience that can grow into a dangerous size and power.

But, even this social discepency in logic can be fixed with one By-Law for our Corporation that states something like the following:

Whenever a ballot is called, voters shall cast one vote in the general election for each share of stock that they own.”

This is my favorite of all the suggestions I can imagine for our new political machinery because I can’t continue to allow people with no education or background in history or any cultural redeeming qualities to have the same political power as someone like myself or you the reader.

Sadly, our technology of the Internet has evolved some bad aspects. The worst thing that has happened to us in modern times is that the Internet has been taken over by large organization who use it for their own greedy interests. In pursuit of their greed, they lie to the rest of the users. They make up disinformation products that they invest millions of dollars to promote around the web.

Now, why should someone who has been compromised by the lies be granted the same power over the rest of us than someone who knows how to filter the truth from the lies? It’s my opinion that people who are easily misled should not have the same number of votes as someone who is more choosy about what they believe to be the truth.

Russia, for one great example, has been shown to author, through their proxies, tons and tons of lies on the Internet, especially in Facebook and Twitter posts. So many of us believe this propaganda that our entire country has been turned upside down for years because almost half of our voting public believes the blatant lies, including one that is almost funny, it’s so ludicrous. The one where they said that Hillary Clinton was part of a child abuse conspiracy and that she and her friends actually ate children.

Now, let me ask you – does someone who believes in this obvious disinformation be granted the same political power as you and me who knows that it’s a lie the minute they read it?

How do we limit the power of the moronic? Simple, we give everyone VOTING SHARES based on how much an individual accomplishes in life.

It’s my opinion that stupid people are not as likely to accomplish as many milestones in life as people of intelligence and education.

Let me put it another way, people who are basing their vote on lies and foreign disinformation intended to disrupt our nation could be considered to be traitors to our country or at the very least conspirators.

If we give them one or two hundred voting shares in the country, then they will always have limited power and it will be in proportion to the rest of us who may have obtained thousands of shares by the time we are old enough to vote. Doesn’t this seem to be a more fair and equitable view of a real Democracy? It does to me. And I never would have said that until I lived through the last few years of American history.

# # #

Have you ever wondered what good your single solitary vote does in the overall scheme of the millions of other people who make your single vote almost irrelevant?

I have. And, it has occurred to me lately that there is a hierarchy of citizenship in any country that should warrant any citizen more votes or fewer votes on any given issue, or ballot, depending on what the voter has achieved as a citizen.

Put another way, why should Bill Gates vote hold the same value as your vote or mine? I haven’t achieved anything near what Bill Gates has done in his life, and probably neither have you. So, why does our vote count equally as Bill Gates vote.

Put another way, when people in this country make it in the millionaire or even billionaire status they expect to have more influence on the political system and so they go out there and purchase the influence that they think they deserve. I used to believe that we had to STOP this kind of BRIBERY, but today, I’m thinking why not give it to them?

Who are we if we cannot make changes to the world in which we were born? Are we robots? Or are we like ants who move about the world following a chemical trail made by others like us who moved along just in front of us? In our case, the chemical trails we leave behind are toxic and smothering and poison the planet so much so that we may soon be known as the last species in a long line of species who survived unimaginable challenges to finally end up killing ourselves and everything else that shares this world.

Are we no better than a plague of locusts then who overwhelm the place and eat and/or destroy everything in sight? Are we more like sheep being led to slaughter by the ‘Judas Goat’, the leader animal who is trained to lead the rest of the herd into the slaughter houses where the entire population is slaughtered mercilessly and quickly carved up into little steaks and chops by the butchers of the world.

Or, can we be more than this? If so, we must first begin to define who we are, grouped together as the American People, at this point, what our needs are and how we think about the biggest principles in history that are being tested every day by the political powers that impose their will upon us.

It’s important to define our terms.

Socialism is the current system of economics and politics at this time in America. This is proven by the fact that we all join the Social Security system as soon as we reach working age and are forced to get a Social Security number. Over time, we learn our government identifying number by heart because we use it over and over to buy large items and to receive any kind of government service.

Communism is the system of government that is better described as a Dictatorship because in all forms of Communism that have been tried in this world, a Dictator emerges and forces this system on his people. So, when a Communistic system gets started somewhere it always is mainly shaped to serve the needs of the dictator. The dictator cannot be removed from office. There are no elections that are not rigged for the election of one person, the dictator. There is no way for the people to get justice if they are harmed by the dictator. At times, at the whim of the dictator, many thousands or even millions of the dictators minions might be slaughtered or expelled or marginalized in the economy simply because the dictator finds their ethnicity, race or religion, etc. objectionable.

The list of oppressive policies used in the real world of Communist dictators is as long as this book.

Communism, as romanticized in books is meaningless because it has never been chosen freely by the ordinary citizens of any nation in history as a viable and moral way to support their society and NOT the personal interests of the dictator.

As defined in the literature, Communism is supposed to be the state's ownership of the society's ‘means of production' of goods, and in the days of the writing about Communism, the ‘means of production’ were factories and farms, not much else because the area they were talking about, Russia, only contained a few factories and many farms.

Today, the means of production for our modern, rapidly evolving economy consists of computers and computer networks, the cloud, servers that have no borders, no boundaries, some factories, but factories that are spread out all over the world. There is no single factory in this country or any country any more that produces one single product all on its own. Every factory is supplied by many smaller factories producing interlocking parts by many different people paid many varying rates of pay and benefits, if any, and with varying sets of expectations.

The proof of all this is that the only remaining major Communist experiment is in China, but they have completely devolved into the Dictatorship that it really was. The ‘means of production’ is sometimes owned by the state, but the state is really a personal holding company of the Dictator of China, who uses the title of ‘President’ incorrectly, since he is not elected to this office, but is basically self-appointed as any normal Dictator would have to be, since very few people would want him there, and any elections are a sham.

People in China have some freedom to move about the country at will, even to start their own businesses, even allowed to become billionaires, and ironically China now has more billionaires than in the United States. All of which is very hard to understand, because in a true Communist state, all workers are supposed to be paid equally no matter what their career. However, they are also being watched and they know that if they do or say something against the dictatorship, they can be ‘Disappeared’, no matter what their wealth, as many millions of Chinese people have done. For this reason, most of the billionaires minted in China try to win influence and favors with the ruling family. So it goes in Russia as well. This is the last evidence we need of the failure of Communism to make the kind of improvement in ordinary lives as it was designed to do.

Therefore, what the progressives in the United States are proposing today, for the most part, is a form of Socialism, very much like the one we enjoy today, as designed by and given to us by the most beloved President in our history, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as his solution to the Great Depression, where about 40% of the American people suffered in great hunger and poverty.

The social programs, delivered as the first in history by President Roosevelt, that we ALL take for granted today were the working parts of the solution to the Great Depression and very quickly, people were put to work building things like the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge, the National Parks and Recreation Areas, the electrical infra-structure, roads, hospitals, schools and many other public works paid for by the state, in this case, being the American taxpayers, as gifts to the proposition that a socially oriented political system, one that is designed and works for the benefit of the majority of the citizens could become the most envied by all the world.

This is who we are today, or who we were, until the forces of greed and evil started to tell us that this was Communism and that it was all our fault somehow that things were going badly, when they knew that it was the fault of the greedy and selfish industrial interests who are paid billions of dollars by overcharging us for the goods and services that we depend upon.

Instead of the Communist goal of the state owning all of the ‘means of production’ it turns out that they have allowed the ‘means of production’ to own us.

What should we call this present form of our political system? How do you like living in a ‘Monetary Dictatorship’? Because that’s what I would call our present system. We are ruled in the final analysis by money. Even the dictators of the world, are dictators for the money. They don't do it as a public service and take a vow of poverty to be our servants. The opposite is true, because we know that the dictators take on this role because they can rob their country of all or most of its resources and be included in the uppermost of the upper class and do whatever they please, even leaving this lifestyle of the rich and famous to their progeny.

Who are we? If we are not brave warriors against the total take-over of this planet by these forces of evil, if we maintain our heads in the sand. We are nothing less than slaves, sycophants and sludge that should never be allowed to replicate and survive for much longer, hopefully replaced by a life form, perhaps descending from sponges, worms, mollusks or maybe even from lions and tigers who can be far stronger and better than this.

We have before us today a set of provisions that together are known as The Green New Deal created by a few in Congress and as amended by and through a Real Democratic Socialism formed by this author.

As you read further, you will learn that the Green New Deal is nothing less than a noble attempt by Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey to help us survive the coming Climate Crisis, imposed upon us by the greedy and ruling force of the fossil fuel industry. It helps us understand how everyone can be put to work in a massive global effort to rescue the world from the harmful and deadly effects of the release of greenhouse gases that are suffocating us all.

The fact that this young woman delivered so much new ideals to the United States Government in the first week after she was sworn in as a Congresswoman gives me the greatest sense of inspiration and hope that I have ever known.  There is not enough support in Congress or even among the American people due to all of the propaganda and fear-peddling set against it by the Republicans, for this historic proposal to be placed into law yet, but this is the nature of this book. That is, we wish to demonstrate that common-sense solutions such as this are the kind of idea or set of ideas that need to be placed on the National Ballot for the people to decide directly, by themselves and outside the influence of the money-interests arrayed against common sense solutions. Innovative and effective ideas like this have no chance until and unless We The People get the power in our hands to enact them in time to do us some good.

We simply cannot afford to wait for those we elect to Congress to make these fateful decisions for us, as they have the worst track record in history for making the common sense solutions that we, the people of this Earth deserve. If this were not true, we would not be in this position of having only a few years left, where every minute counts and every choice we make may add or subtract to the time left for our survival.

The answer to the question - Who Are We - will be forthcoming very soon and I am highly optimistic, because I believe in something we call the Collective Consciousness. And I believe that in our Collective Consciousness, there exists a will to survive that will greatly outwit, outlast and outplay the forces of evil now arrayed against us.

This is the most important chapter of this book because it is designed to show to you, my reader, exactly what Real Democracy - Real Elections for ideas, not just personalities can look and feel like. SO, I hope that you will put on your thinking caps for the next few minutes, wipe out all distractions like TV, videos, your smart phone, etc. and give this section a little time and effort. Because if you don’t, - not you personally - but if millions of readers don’t pay attention right here - right now - I am extremely confident that we are doomed as a species because we will continue down the wrong path every time there is a choice in our paths until we will be sent down so low into the darkness that we will never be able to climb out of it.

The best example I can give of how our present system of making laws is failing us is to go back to President Obama. Don’t worry, we’re going to cover President Trump as well in a few minutes.

But, about a decade ago, when Obama was first elected as President, he had a majority of his own party The Democrats in power in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. He could have shoved through any legislation he wanted. The nation was up to its eyeballs in Health Care problems, so naturally, Health Care was the Number One Problem that everyone was talking about.

So, Obama could have installed a National Health Care system similar to what they have in Canada, where no Canadian citizen pays a dime for their health care, but instead Obama did several months of consulting with the interested parties in and in the end, adopted a plan that was Republican in nature, one Health Care Plan that Mitt Romney had clobbered together when he was the Governor of Massachusetts.

It later became known as the Affordable Health Care Act and later known as ObamaCare, but it was basically Mitt Romney care, who never cared about any of it and neither did anyone in Massachusetts.

It’s basically a Health Care system that the Health Insurance companies prefer because it doesn’t put them out of business, and in fact, gives them TEN TIMES THE BUSINESS THEY WOULD NORMALLY get in this country because ObamaCare FORCED EVERYONE TO BUY IT.

Now, if we had a Real Democracy in this country, one with Real Elections, We The People could have proposed at least one hundred plans better than this one and we would have eventually sorted them out until we had the BEST ONE of the batch that we proposed and we would have VOTED FOR IT, enacted it into law by ourselves and the problem would be solved today. We would probably have a ten dollar deductible. Just enough so that people don’t go to the Doctor’s office because they have the sniffles. They would have ZERO Co-Pays and not a dime taken out of our salaries to pay for it. I’m going to prove that to you later.

So, with all of the hundreds or even thousands of different and much better ideas that could have come from any of you out there, we ended up with something that came from a Republican from Utah, where until recently they all believed in having more than one wife.

It’s no wonder that the next president Donald J. Trump decided to scrap this abominable confustication of a solution to a problem, so if anything, the problem of no viable Health Care in America is worse today than ever before.

BUT, with Real Elections we could have had the following National Ballot Measure in front of us during the Obama Administration, had he been a true patriotic American and a believer in Democracy.

Now, in case any of you are wondering how we would pay for this - it’s easy if you just put your thinking cap on.

So, that’s what Real Elections in a truly Democratic country looks like. I know it’s shocking that it could be this easy, but there it is, right in front of you.

Can you come up with any objections why NOT to do things this way? I bet you cannot. Many have tried - but none have met that challenge.

As of the writing of this book, the President of the United States, Donald Trump is taking money illegally from programs that were put into effect to bolster our military strength in Europe and using it to build his border wall. His only solution for the illegal immigration problem we face in this country is to construct a thirty foot wall that costs over one billion dollars per mile and there are two thousand miles to cover. That’s trillions of dollars to construct this monster wall that would prevent animals from migrating to and from areas of food and water, while the human migrating public would defeat the wall with a shovel or a ladder. This wall would be the biggest ecological disaster in our nation’s history if allowed to go all the way across the continent at a time when we need new ideas to reduce the ecological disasters created by humans.

I’m starting this chapter with this example of the one-mindedness of our present government system of using the ideas of one or two people where if we opened up the process to include the wisdom of millions of people, we would be able to solve our problems without spending trillions of dollars per solution.

HERE’S ONE BETTER SOLUTION to our illegal immigration problem. Now, remember, the main reason people come here are because they want to get a job, which most of the time pays much more than a similar job in their home country.


The government could set up a National Jobs Dispute Arbitration Board. This group of nine administrators would be hired to make decisions in any cases in the country where there is a challenge to any illegal alien who is working on a job within the United States.

In other words, any American citizen may, under this law, challenge any person they believe to be working at a job in his community without having any proof of American citizenship. In such a challenge the National Jobs Dispute Arbitration Board would be required to settle the challenge within 180 days of the challenge. Their decisions would be final. There would be no appeals. In this way, if any American citizen wants to claim a job that an illegal immigrant has taken, this would be the lawful and ethical way to do so.

When any citizen makes a challenge of someone whose job is in question, the challenged worker must prove to the Arbitrators that they were either born in the United States or have become a naturalized citizen, or has a special Visa Work Permit, under regular provisions of the Immigration System, such as a temporary working permit.

If the Challenged worker cannot prove his or her citizenship, then the Challenger may take that job and the employer in this example has no say in the matter. Plus in this case, the employer must pay the Challenger a One Month’s Salary in the form of a signing bonus. Then, that challenger must be allowed to take over the challenged person’s job, if they can prove that they are qualified to do that job.

If on the other hand, the challenged worker does prove to the Arbitration Board that they are in fact an American Citizen, then the challenger must pay one month’s salary to the challenged worker who won the arbitration. Failure to pay upon the settlement of the case subjects the challenger to a 90 day prison term and a fine of $10,000.

Now, I’m only one person. Imagine how many other EVEN BETTER IDEAS we would get from the power of MILLIONS OF BRAINS that are finally freed to use their creative powers to think up the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS to this world’s problems.

NO MASSIVE BILLION DOLLAR WALLS REQUIRED to keep people out - just apply a little common sense please. If they get a job without being a citizen, they know that eventually they will be challenged and will have to give up their job to a real American citizen.

I begin this section with this example because THE WALL that our current administration is trying so hard to build is probably the WORST SOLUTION there could be for this problem of illegal immigration. And this is what we get 99% of the time. We get the worst solutions to our problems, the most expensive and ineffective solutions that then become another problem down the road that we THEN HAVE TO FIX. We live under a system of a vicious cycle of INCOMPENTENT and CORRUPT problem-solving.


FIRST of all - WE NEED a large number of people to do the jobs that AMERICANS WILL NOT DO.

WHY would any society choose to BLOCK and HARASS the wonderful and essential people who bring our food from the FARM TO THE TABLE - and at the lowest compensation we can give them?

Have you ever tried to pick food from the plants growing on the ground at your local farm? I bet you have NOT - WHY? Because you know it’s work that you are NOT GOING TO DO - EVER.





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