Friday, June 18, 2021

Tell President Biden to fund a National Voter's Blockchain - This is the most SECURE VOTING PLATFORM IN THE WORLD

We are witnessing the demise of American Democracy IF we allow the Repub-Anon Party to destroy it.

We'll only have ourselves to blame.

WE ALL want totally SECURE ELECTIONS and this can be achieved easily and cheaply with a NATIONAL VOTER'S BLOCKCHAIN - impossible to hack in any way.  It would act as a BACKUP to all the state Ballot Databases and voting machines.  If something is OFF we'll know it IMMEDIATELY due to the actions of the COMMUNITY within the Blockchain who is always supervising every minute of every day.

READ MORE HERE - and then CALL PRESIDENT BIDEN and TELL HIM IF WE DON'T BUILD A NATIONAL VOTER'S BLOCKCHAIN - the Republicans will continue to SUPPRESS the VOTE in all 50 STATES until the only people voting will be people whom they have identified as 'AMERICAN'.  And their definition of an AMERICAN is NOT even CLOSE to YOU and ME.

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